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Large Format Porcelain

Large format porcelain offers a modern and sophisticated solution for flooring and wall installations. With its sleek design and durability, large format porcelain provides seamless surfaces, ideal for creating spacious and contemporary environments in both residential and commercial settings.

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Assistance in choosing Large Format Porcelain

The use of large format porcelain allows achieving a unique aesthetic effect in the room. Similar effects can only be achieved using large slabs of natural marble of disappearing varieties, which are much more expensive. Thus, using large formats saves you money while not compromising the aesthetic perception of your space! On the other hand, by paying extra for large formats (compared to regular tiles, they are more expensive), you get a space that qualitatively and aesthetically exceeds your expectations from using ordinary tiles.


Transportation of Large Format Porcelain

Large Format Forcelain are thin and fragile slabs. Some of them can easily fit into an elevator, while others may require manual lifting via stairs. In any case, specialists with the necessary equipment and skills, such as riggers, are required. Key Construction company handles orders for lifting porcelain tiles of various dimensions. We provide tile delivery, unloading, and lifting services either via elevator or stairs to different floors or basements as needed. Our workers possess the required experience and skills to deliver your tiles intact and undamaged!

Cutting of Large Format Porcelain

Key Construction offers porcelain tile cutting services both on stationary machines and directly at the site. Our installation teams are equipped with professional mobile equipment, allowing for cutting tiles of any size, mitering of porcelain tiles (45-degree angle), as well as drilling holes and making cutouts in porcelain tiles. However, the dimensions of the openings at the site do not always allow for the lifting of large-format porcelain tiles to the floor or the transportation of them into the room. In such cases, processing of large-format tiles is done in the workshop.


HYDRO-ABRASIVE CUTTING of Large Format Porcelain

Large-format porcelain tiles are gaining more and more popularity - it's a new trend and new expressive possibilities in creating modern stylish interiors. Designers are inspired by the variety of colors and textures resembling marble, sandstone, cement, textured and oxidized metal, wood, metallic fabric, and other decors. But at the same time, the question arises - Where can large-format porcelain tiles be professionally cut without chips, with factory edge processing? If you are reading this footnote right now, then you have come to the company that will cut thin porcelain tiles according to the provided sketches. Our production is equipped with Water jet hydro-abrasive cutting machines, equipment for beveling the edge of the tile at a 45-degree angle, for chamfering porcelain tiles, edge rolling, and other tile processing within the production capacity.

COUNTERTOPS and FACADES made Large Format Porcelain

Large-format porcelain tiles offer a rich variety of textures - including those resembling marble, metal, and other contemporary designs highly sought after in interior design. Countertops made from large-format porcelain tiles not only boast exquisite aesthetics but also possess significant technological properties. We work with various formats of thin ceramic sheets, such as 47x95, 63x126, etc. Porcelain tile countertops from Key Construction are a superb blend of durability, design, and individuality.


Custom Tables and Sinks

Key Construction company manufactures sinks and various tables using large-format porcelain tiles, made to individual orders. We offer a wide selection of sink and table configurations and models. Additionally, we provide a vast range of colors and textures of porcelain that will seamlessly blend into any interior. We can either perform sink installation ourselves or provide installation instructions. Furthermore, our company can deliver any custom product to any location in the USA.

Installation of Large Format Porcelain tiles on floors and walls

The teams of Key Construction company are premium-class professionals in the field of laying porcelain tiles. Each master has extensive and invaluable experience. The results of the tilers' work are always perfect. We provide the client with detailed consultation and quality assurance. The cost of services is discussed individually - send the project for calculation - it's absolutely FREE.



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